blog traducteur interprete portugais There are already lots of resources online about translation and interpretation - some relevant and some less - and you may be thinking: "why another blog?".

You are right to ask this question and I thought about it myself

The first reason is that a blog is much more than a simple information text. Blogs are information combined with emotion. They allow us to express what we think, to say what makes us happy or mad. It's a way to share with others one's personal and professional experiences and to learn with their comments and articles at the same time. With this blog I also hope I can meet new translators and interpreters who share my point of view or that disagree completely with what I say. I hope it becomes a platform for sharing, mutual help and self-improvement, allowing all to learn and help.

The second reason is that this blog will be referenced online and will attract people that have questions about translation and interpretation, just as I used to have in the past - and still have sometimes. The posts on this blog will therefore try help students, future students, beginners and the general public finding answers. I hope these answers will be found and therefore that mistakes already done by some people will not be repeated by others.

Summarizing, I hope this blog will help people share, inform, learn and communicate. And after all, communication is what languages are for, isn't?

If you would like to know a bit more about me, have a look at my presentation page in English or visite my website.